Our fields of specialization.

Our company covers, with relevant knowledge,a wide range of fields related to engineering, energy, works and infrastructures civil and public services such as water treatment and waste. Thanks to our technical and specialized economic expertise, we provide you with a concept adapted specifically to all phases of the project.

Perfect solutions with GAiA New Technologies

Take advantage of our expertise and our versatility.

Project management

We plan, coordinate and supervise all the phases of your project .

Summary of our services

  • Development of the organizational structure and the project
  • Coordination of the parties involved in the supply of services

Civil infrastructures.

Our area of civil engineering ­deals an important activity in infrastructure projects such as transport, railways and roads, ports and airports, hydroelectric engineering and restoration of coastal, urban waste management, water treatment, gasification plants, and everything related to both renewable and traditional energies, providing them in any case of technological innovations of the first order, usually developed by our R&D department+I.

Summary of our services

  • Development of planning studies, project and development of the same
  • Providing installation and systems services
  • Traditional energies
  • Renewable energy: wind power, solar (photovoltaic, thermal and electrical Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator) and Bioenergy (biomass, biofuels and biogas). Other energyies: sea energies, geothermal, mini hidraulic and mini wind energy.
  • Maintenance services of previous installations.

Waste tratement.

Gaia New Technologies, develops also his activity in the field of recycling and treatment of solid waste Urban, in three distinct sections:

  • Waste management resulting from the construction work and firestop.
  • Recycling of plastics.
  • Recycling of garbage."

Gas plants and oil Installations.

Gaia New Technologies develops its activity in the field of gas and oil from different types of projects, such as:

  • Liquefied Natural Gas Projects
  • Plants regassification
  • Plants of liquefaction
  • Terrestrial and marine platforms of extraction of gas and oil
  • Plants Off Shore
  • Oil refineries
  • Thermal and cogeneration Plants

Construction works

We have multiple clients that have already given us their confidence to carry out different and varied construction projects.

Different types of work relating to:

  • Construction projects of residential buildings
  • Hotels
  • Leisure Centers
  • Shopping Centers
  • Special Metallic and concrete Structures
  • Industrial buildings