Energetic sector



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Energetic sector

In Gaia New Technologies work with both traditional and renewable energies and at different stages:

  • Feasibility Study phase: both technical and economic.
  • Design and project phase: the most advantageous type of installation.
  • FImplementation phase of works: from the point of view of the Construction Management, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, etc..
  • Maintenance phase: prepare and execute maintenance plans for all installations our work and whether or not new plant or third parties.

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Traditional energy

In Gaia New Technologieswe we also work with traditional energy sources, always from the perspective of the implementation of technological advances themselves and others, as our systems of turbines and generators installed at different sites in the world. Our turbines have proven their efficiency in several coal-fired plants, cogeneration, hydro, etc..


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Renewable energies

In Gaia New Technologies, we are strongly involved and committed to renewable energy. Our whole group-level structure and its various departments, Studio, Project, Production, Research, Development and Innovation are focused in four main areas:

  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy: Photovoltaic, Thermal and Thermoelectric
  • Bioenergy: Biomass, Biofuels and Biogas.
  • Other Energy: Ocean energy, Geothermal High and Low Enthalpy, Minihydro, small wind, etc..